Dry Grad 

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Check back often for more positions to open up

Our Volunteers include

Parents of graduating students

Parents of younger students
Parents of previous grads
Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents
Teachers and other staff from elementary & secondary schools
Students and recent graduates can help at fundraisers
Note that volunteers for the event have to be the age of 21 or older
For more information please email or

There are numerous areas we need your help. 

Positions Available

Bag Check
The grads are not permitted to carry anything with them while in the complex. Their bags are secured in an area where volunteers will deliver the bags at any time to the grads, and then return them to their holding place.


This group has a really great time. They are really one of the only volunteers that get to see the whole complex!  Included in this area are our volunteers who breakdown the event and tidy up the complex.


Volunteers help to decorate the venue before the event around the complex. 


Keeping the grads safe while using large inflatable games and manning all entertainment activities.

  • Inflatables

          Man one of the many inflatables throughout the complex to ensure the timing and safety of all students.

  • Game Room

          Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, etc.

  • Clairvoyants

          This is a fun volunteer position and one that is very popular with the students. 

          Volunteer are given cards to read out and give their numerical   fortunes.  

Clean up after the event.
Drivers to pick up food items 1-2 days before event.


Walk around the complex and hand out bracelets to random grads.

Hand out prizes to the grads at the Prize Table


Providing security both inside and outside of the whole Beban complex


The grads can have their hair dried/styled after swimming, braids, up-do's, nails, massage, mini manicure, mini pedicures, and mini make up.

Student Check In

Check the grads in according to the high school they attended.  This job is very busy for about 2 hours and then volunteers usually go to another area to finish their shift.


There are many areas where we would appreciate the assistance of our younger volunteers.  Some of those areas would be Decorating, Food Prep, Assembling the Fence around the complex, and Cleaning up after the event. 

Volunteer Room
The Volunteer Room is where all Volunteers and Vendors check in and check out.  This is also where we track the students that arrive late and leave early.  The food for Volunteers is also kept in this room!  It is a busy area but well organized.  If you would prefer a less physical area this would be it!

Depending on your interest there are many places we need your help.