• ​​​Pay your entry fee at your school well ahead of time.
  • Obtain a printed copy of the waiver and have it signed by a parent/guardian and bring it to Dry Grad. Your waiver is your ticket, no printed and signed waiver = no entry. For more information or to print a waiver, click the "Waiver" link above.
  • Admission is from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Student names will be checked with school lists.
  • If you must arrive late, arrange with your school principal ahead of time. Picture ID is required for late admission.
  • Identification wristbands must be worn on your wrist at all times and must be intact when picking up prizes.
  • Entry and exit are through the main gate only. Once you leave the complex you may not re-enter.
  • All bags & purses will be inspected at the entry gate. All Bags and purses must then be immediately taken to the Bag Check in Beban Social Center.
  • DO NOT BRING VALUABLES. Food or Beverages will be confiscated at entry gate.
  • Anyone arriving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be admitted to Dry Grad and may be handed over to the RCMP. There will be no refund of the Dry Grad entry fee.
  • Anyone leaving early must sign out through the volunteer room in the Social Center and turn in their wrist band.
  • Lots of food and beverages will be available during the night and barbeques begin at 9:00 p.m.
  • You will need a swimsuit & towel for the water events; locker tokens will be available.
  • Ice skate rentals are free at Cliff McNabb Arena or bring your own.
  • If you plan to play scrub hockey, please bring your stick and helmet.
  • Smoking is permitted in designated area only.
  • Acceptable rules of conduct and language are expected.
  • First Aid will be available from members of St. John Ambulance.
  • If you require medication during Dry Grad, it must be clearly labeled with instructions. The volunteer room will keep it available for you until you leave the event.
  • Many great prizes are given away during the night, plus cash prizes at the end of the night (about 1:00 - 1:30am.)


​We hope you enjoy your ‘Night to Remember’ and remember you cannot carry any bags around with you,
but you can visit your bag in the bag check as many times as you wish. 

Here are some hints to help everyone enjoy the night:

Tickets for the event are available at your school's Office. 

They are $65 each. 

Get them soon!

Nanaimo Dry Grad

Student Information

The Nanaimo Dry Grad Society is organizing a fun-filled party for this year's grads: loads of activities, mounds of food, music, great prizes and more! “A Night to Remember” is about graduates enjoying themselves without the influence of alcohol or drugs.