The Dry Grad Directors and Committee members volunteer for a one-year term. 

We have six Executive Officers and several Sub-Committee Chairs. 

Check In (Vacant) - Check-in the students in as they are entering the Dry Grad event.

Bag Check (Vacant) - Setup bag check area and provide a bag check service for participants so they do not need to carry their items with them during the event. Participants can gain access to their bag throughout the night, as often as they want.

Clean-up (Vacant) - Empty garbage and recycling, pickup litter, cleanup spills during the event.

Communications and Media (Vacant) - Update Nanaimo Dry Grad Website and Social Media Sites.

Decorations(Vacant)- NDG gives you a budget and you get to decorate the event with your team. Think – 1000’s of balloons plus maybe a laser tag!

Entertainment (Vacant) - Gotta bring the fun. You get a super large budget and get to book all the rides, activities, DJ's, social media booths, etc.  NDG has a list of what was booked at past events so you would have a good sound direction of what to do!  However, the sky is the limit here and you can go wild!!!!!

Fundraising (Vacant) -We need someone to head up one or two fundraising events. We need to raise money to put our event on!! You can even just corporate fundraise. In the past our Fundraiser Chair usually does a combo –some corporate fundraising and some events. Some of our more successful events are “Beer and Burger Nites”, “Ford Drive One” and the ever reliable “Krispy Kreme Sales”.

Kitchen (Vacant) - NDG Kitchen Chair also gets a large budget and gets to plan all the cool food ideas and drinks and snacks. You will not be starting from scratch as we have a detailed list of past food donors and what is too be ordered thru vendors and when it is to be ordered. You are in charge of feeding 800 grads so think sushi, pizza, hamburgers, junk food, fruit and veggies, coffee, tea, Starbucks, McDonalds, Dairy Queen –and the list goes on!

Prepare platters the afternoon of event.

  • Clean up 3am - 6:30am after the event.
  • 2 BBQ pits to be manned from 8pm - 3am (2 shifts).
  • Drivers to pick up food items 1-2 days before event.

Prizes (Vacant) - Collection, organize, purchase, and handout prizes during the event night.

Security (Vacant) - This super important position maintains a large security force the night of the event to keep all the grads safe. Many of your volunteers come from the RCMP, by-law officers and Fire department plus of course parents. You are also in charge of the setting up and striking down the security fence.

Spa (Vacant) - NDG needs someone to head up all the salon activities such as beauty, hair and makeup, henna, fake tattoos and whatever else you can dream up!!! These activities are offered every year and are definitely a huge hit with the grads – so we just need someone to book and oversee the beauty events!

T-Shirts (Vacant) - Work with printing company and schools to collect submissions for the Dry Grad Logo contest.

Transportation (Vacant) - Calling all Dads! NDG rents a truck the night before the event and transportation chair gets to pick up all big ticket items. The day after the event - transportation chair returns items! Pretty straight forward!

Volunteers (Vacant) - Organizing and phoning volunteers, making name tags for volunteers to wear at event.Type your paragraph here.

​​​​Chair  - Coordinates Dry Grad meetings

Secretary - Records meeting minutes, sets meeting dates, corresponds with Officers and Directors.

Treasurer  - Filing society annual report, prepare budget, recording deposits and cheques, preparing statements and reports for monthly meetings, Grant in Aid application.  Getting deposits from schools from students, having student list for check-in attending night of event.  Verify attendees have paid, confirm cash prize winner (address etc), send out cheque for cash prizes.   

Directors (3 positions) (1 Vacant) - This position is required for the Society.  No tasks are given to these positions.

Committee Positions

Committee Chairs

Executive Directors

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